Trouble in Bayou Sabine (Book 1 in the Bayou Sabine Series)

Louisiana gets a whole lot hotter in this spellbinding story of secrets, betrayal, and seduction.

When Enza Parker inherits her estranged grandmother’s house, it dredges up a haunting mystery—and puts her in the path of the most alluring man she’s ever met.

For Enza, Bayou Sabine means pain and heartache: a mother who left her and a father whose lies have caught up with him. Her only fondness for the bayou comes from the summers she spent there with her grandmother, Vergie. Now that Vergie’s gone, Enza wants to flip the house and put her past to rest—but this small town is full of big secrets—and it has one more surprise for her.

When Enza finds her grandmother’s house occupied by sexy firefighter Jack Mayronne, she wants to kick him out. But Jack turns on the charm and convinces her to let him stay in exchange for helping her flip the house. Sparks fly as they share the same roof, and as their fling intensifies, Enza learns that Jack has dangerous secrets of his own. When the truth about her mother’s disappearance begins to surface, Enza must decide: how much is she willing to sacrifice to start over—and can she trust Jack with her heart?

ISBN: 978-1947834408
$1.99 eBook format / $14.99 paperback
Publisher: Blue Crow Books (2nd edition, 2017. Previously published with the title Bayou My Love.)
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Back to Bayou Sabine (Book 2 in the Bayou Sabine series)

Some secrets were never meant to be revealed.

After her mother’s disappearance and her grandmother’s death, thirty-year-old Enza Parker returns to the town where she spent her childhood summers in the hopes of closing the door on her troubling past.

While there, she meets a handsome stranger who only adds to the mystery and makes her question why she made herself stay away from the little town that gave her the sense of freedom she longs for as an adult. A spark of attraction makes her wonder: was this the place she was meant to be?

With her best friend Kate in tow, Enza searches for answers that the town isn’t ready to reveal. She must decide if she can dig deep enough to unearth the truth about her family, or if it will remain one of the bayou’s darkest mysteries.

ISBN: 9781947834170
$1.99 ebook / $7.99 paperback
Publisher: Blue Crow Books (2nd edition, 2017)
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Bayou Whispers (Book 3 in the Bayou Sabine Series)

A small town buried her mother’s darkest secret. How far will she go to dig it up?

Years after her mother’s haunting disappearance, Enza has finally moved on—she knows that some secrets will never be revealed. With a new family, a blossoming career, and her new love Jack, she seems to have it all. She should be happy, but if her past has taught her anything, it’s that this kind of happiness means disaster is right around the corner.

One explosive holiday dinner turns her world upside down, and forces Enza to decide where her loyalties lie. One guest puts someone Enza loves in danger, and forces her to hide it from Jack. Another shares a tantalizing secret about Enza’s mother that sends her spiraling deeper into the mystery, desperate to find the truth. Now she’ll risk everything she’s built to learn what really happened to her mother—but will it be enough to set her free?

With a friend in danger, and her relationship with Jack hanging in the balance, she must decide: how much will she sacrifice to put her demons behind her—for good?

ISBN: 9781947834194
Publisher: Blue Crow Books (2nd edition, 2017)
$4.99 ebook / $14.99 paperback
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Just the Trouble I Needed (Book 4 in the Bayou Sabine series)

Sometimes a little trouble—and a lot of Louisiana heat—can help you find your way…

Kate McDonnell wants to escape her hectic city life. A week-long getaway to her friend’s quiet small-town home should be just what she needs to recharge—but when sexy sheriff Andre Dufresne stops by, her vacation takes a turn she didn’t expect.

Kate’s not looking for love—she just broke her engagement with her scoundrel fiancé, and Bayou Sabine is just a temporary refuge. But when Andre turns on the charm, she wonders: would a light-hearted fling really be so bad?

Andre is smitten, and will do anything to win Kate over. He’s never met a woman quite like her, and he’s not about to let her slip away. But the clock is ticking for Kate, and as she gets closer to Andre, she makes a mistake that could ruin everything. Can she slow down long enough to listen to her heart, or will her fear of being hurt again ruin any chance they have at love?

ISBN: 9781947834026
ASIN: B07G678QJ6
Publisher: Blue Crow Books (2018)
$1.99 ebook / $7.99 paperback
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Trouble Will Follow (Book 5 in the Bayou Sabine series)

Sometimes the deepest wounds come from the ones who love us most.

In her lab, Kate McDonnell’s world is stable and predictable, just the way 
she likes it—but in one weekend, Kate’s carefully controlled world explodes 
into chaos.

When irresistible Andre Dufresne shows up to whisk her away for a romantic weekend, she’s thrilled to have a second chance with him. But a family crisis forces her back to the town she avoided for years—and the horrible secrets she buried there. At eighteen, Kate made a tragic mistake that she’s never forgiven herself for—one that shattered her completely. She can’t let Andre see this part of her past, but if she pushes him away again she’ll lose him for good.

Desperate to redeem herself, Kate returns to her hometown, but finds her family in pieces. Her mother is ill, her father is in denial, and her brothers are clueless. Kate takes charge, but not everyone is happy to have her home. When one bitter family member reveals her darkest secret to everyone, she’s plunged into a nightmare that might well destroy her—unless she can learn to forgive.

A dazzling story about the way family can shape us—or tear us apart—and how revealing our vulnerability can set us free.

ISBN: 978-1947834385
Publisher: Blue Crow Books (2019)
$4.99 ebook / $14.99 paperback
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Beneath Our Skin: Short Stories About Wild Women

Love is tested between siblings, spouses, and strangers in this collection of four short stories by Lauren Faulkenberry. Two sisters with a tenuous bond create a fake wedding in the award-winning title story “Beneath Our Skin.” Two broken strangers are drawn to each other’s eccentricities in an unlikely environment in “The Fire Eater.” Two sisters flee their crumbling family during a wake and find a mysterious boat in the sky to use for their getaway in “Mermaids, Still.” A woman seeks solace from a disastrous marriage in “Where the Ocean Dissolves into Sky.” Humorous and uplifting, these short stories trace the paths of southern women who save themselves.

Publisher: Blue Crow Books (Second edition, 2017)
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