Freelance Services

I offer a variety of services related to books and writing, from developmental editing to illustration and book production. I consult on all kinds of creative projects: fiction, nonfiction, college essays, web content, articles, interviews, and more. For inquiries, contact me at Read on to learn about details and pricing for these services:

  • Developmental Editing
  • Writing Coaching
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design (Book covers, ads, and more)
  • Web Content and Marketing Copy
  • Workshops 
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Services for Writers

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing examines your manuscript in terms of organization, pacing, voice, and other aspects of fundamental craft. Both fiction and nonfiction books can benefit from developmental editing. If you’re not quite ready for the copyediting stage, you may be in this stage. This service lets me examine your manuscript as a whole and suggest where you need to spend the most time in revision. Developmental editing is NOT copyediting or proofreading—rather, it takes a holistic approach to revising your manuscript and provides guidance for moving forward. Clients who opt for this service will receive:

  • A manuscript review in MS Word (or Pages, if you prefer) with comments in tracked changes that include suggestions for improvement. This includes comments on readability, structure, dialogue, voice, and more.

  • A written report that outlines strengths and weaknesses of the book, plus ideas for developing and improving plot, character, scene, dialogue, pacing, and other fundamental aspects of story.

  • An optional one-hour meeting via phone or videochat to discuss a revision plan for the reduced rate of $35 per hour.


  • I can review the first couple of chapters of your manuscript, the first 50 pages, or the entire book—it’s up to you. 
  • My fee is based on word count, and begins at 5 cents per word. I am happy to create a personalized plan that works for your goals and your budget. 
  • I will always provide a quote before I begin a project with you and offer a feee 15-minute consultation via phone to chat with you about your needs. 

Writing Coaching 

A writing coach can help you at any stage of your writing: developing your idea into a book, creating an accountability plan for your writing practice, helping you create action plans, devising strategies to help you over creative hurdles, and more. A writing coach provides a customized plan focused on your goals and needs—this is an intensive 1:1 relationship that is uniquely tailored to you. Writers of fiction and nonfiction can benefit from a writing coach, no matter at what stage you are in your career. 


  • We can meet on your schedule: we can meet just a few times to get you over a specific hurdle, or we can meet for the duration of a project. The frequency and duration of our meetings is up to you. 
  • We can meet via phone or videochat.
  • Contact me to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs. I am happy to provide a quote and will create a plan that works for your budget. 

Manuscript Assessment 

If you’re not quite ready to dive in to the editing services listed above, or are looking for overall feedback on a project, what you need is most likely a manuscript assessment. An assessment gives you an evaluation of your manuscript in terms of character development, plot, narrative voice, scene building, world building, dialogue, etc. This is a global review of what’s working well in your manuscript and what could be improved as you move into more detailed editing. I offer this service for both fiction and nonfiction.


  • An assessment can be the first 50 pages of your book, the first five chapters, or the entire manuscript—it’s up to you. 
  • Clients will receive a written evaluation of their manuscript and comments via tracked changes that include suggestions for improvement. 
  • Fees for this service are based on word count and begin at 3 cents per word. 
  • I am happy to provide a quote when you submit a manuscript or query. 

Email me at info@faulkenberryarts and let’s get started. 

Book Production

If you’re self publishing and are ready to get your book into production and distribution, I can help. Layout and formatting can be extremely time consuming—especially when you want to get on with writing your next book. My services include:

  • Proper manuscript formatting for ebook and print production.
  • Creation of layout for book production.
  • Marketing copy (e.g. product description on Amazon) for your book.
  • Generation of distribution-ready files of your book for ebook and/or print distribution
  • And more. 
Email me for a quote, and let’s get your book into production. 

“Lauren is an excellent editor of fiction. She is the first person I turn to when I have a new manuscript ready to submit to an editor or agent. She’s helped me successfully usher four novels to traditional publication with her insightful comments about big-picture things like character motivation and narrative consistency. But she also catches smaller details. I highly recommend her as a freelance editor, whether you are seeking to publish traditionally or independently.” —Katie Rose Guest Pryal, author of the Hollywood Lights Series

Marketing and Web Content

Do you need to create content for your business or personal website? Do you need a killer bio? A description of your business? Marketing or ad copy for your new book? Let me take your story and whittle it down to what’s most important and what best expresses who you are and what you do. I charge $50 per hour for this service and offer a free consultation and quote via phone, videochat, or email.

“For my first professional editing experience, I was more than pleased with the services Lauren provided. I received thoughtful and clear edits for my work in a very timely manner. Lauren’s feedback was positive, honest and constructive. The experience was everything I expected and then some! I can’t imagine trusting anyone else to edit my work.” – Shanee S.

Illustration and Graphic Design

I’m a designer and illustrator with 20+ years of experience. I offer a range of services for authors who are looking to produce and promote their books. Whether you’re rebranding a series, planning your next book launch, or publishing your very first book, I can help. Contact me at to discuss your needs. 

Book Covers 

I design custom book covers with proper commercial licenses for any artwork used. Once I design your image, you are free to use it in digital or print form in any way you may need it for promotional purposes. Designs start at $500 and include full cover designs and formatting for eBook, ARC, and print. I’ve designed book covers for fiction and nonfiction and am happy to consult with you about your needs. Contact me for more detailed information and we can schedule a free 15-minute call to assess your project and needs. 

Promotional Materials

Need some swag for your book launch? Graphics for your Facebook ads? I design posters, postcards, business cards, promotional graphics, advertisements (for Facebook, Bookbub, and other social media platforms), and other pieces that showcase and promote your work in print or digital form. Upon completion, I send you all of the digital files so you can send them to the printer of your choice and upload them as needed. 

I am happy to discuss options in our free 15-minute call to determine which kinds of designs will best serve your needs. 


I create illustrations for a variety of projects, including editorial illustrations and book illustrations. I am happy to provide a quote based on the scope of your project. Contact me via to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. 

For licensing inquiries, email You can see a portfolio of current work here


I teach workshops in creative writing, self-promotion for authors, indie publishing, letterpress printing, book arts, and printmaking. Most recently, I’ve taught at Asheville BookWorks, the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking, and the Penland School of Crafts. No matter what kind of studio space you have, I have a class that will work for you. Classes range from one day to multiple weeks.

My shorter presentations cover the above topics and are tailored to your needs. I’ve visited museums, schools, libraries, and book festivals to discuss book arts and writing—I’m happy to plan a presentation or a mini-workshop to meet your goals.

“Lauren led a wonderful tunnel book workshop at the museum. On the day of the workshop, she was ready to go, excited and a wonderful instructor. We had novices to experienced participants in the class, and Lauren skillfully balanced the needs of this diverse audience, giving each student personal attention as needed. Her step-by-step instructions were well thought out, and class time was spent on the skills the students needed for the project. We are looking forward to future workshops with Lauren!” —Virginia H.