Yesterday I had a special visitor. He could only stay for a day, since he had a tight schedule, but we packed a lot into his visit. Flat Stanley was curious about letterpress printing and book binding, so I taught him a few tricks.

We went over the basics. Then Stanley decided he wanted to print something special for Ryan and his siblings. So we made some book plates. 
Turns out Stanley rather likes printing. He’s sort of a natural. But we had other things to do, so we moved on to bookbinding. Stanley helped me bind this edition of accordion books. He’s a good helper.
Stanley decided he needed a journal to keep track of all his adventures. So we made a tiny book for him from some scraps of handmade paper. Turns out Stanley is also pretty good with a needle and thread. I tried to hire him to help me finish my next edition, but he said he needed to get back to Virginia. 
After all that printing and binding, we decided to take a break. I taught Stanley a few chords on the ukelele. I’m still learning how to play, too. Stanley’s a fast learner, though. He serenaded me while I cooked dinner. 
Then we went outside to take a walk. It had been raining most of the day, but cleared up just before sundown. Stanley couldn’t resist taking a selfie. 
Stanley was quite tired after all that excitement, so he took some time to unwind before heading to bed. Turns out he likes books almost as much as I do. He’s also pretty good with animals. 

Happy Trails, Stanley! Thanks for stopping by. You were a fine studio assistant.