The Bayou Sabine Series follows two plucky thirty-something friends as they navigate family, friendship, and the curve balls life likes to throw them—and stumble into love along the way. It’s a dazzling saga about the way family can shape us—and how revealing our vulnerability can set us free.

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A small town and a sexy stranger make for one steamy summer on the bayou—but is it too hot for her to handle?

Enza Parker never wanted to set foot in Bayou Sabine again—but inheriting her estranged grandmother’s house means she has no choice but to go back. She’s in the business of fixing things—mainly houses—but her romantic life? Yeah, that’s broken beyond repair.

Silver lining: she can flip the sweet old farmhouse and sell it for a nice profit—and that just might get her back on her feet again.

The only catch? Enza’s new house has an unexpected tenant: sexy firefighter Jack Mayronne. Before she can say “eviction,” he turns on the charm and offers to help her with the flip—if she lets him stay. He’s hotter than a tin roof in July, but he looks like he can use a hammer just fine. She can keep it professional. No problem.

This town’s full of surprises, though, and soon Jack is the least of her worries. Sparks fly as they share a roof and as their fling intensifies, Enza stumbles on a dark family secret that she can’t ignore. Jack has his own secrets, but he’s skilled at knocking down walls—especially the ones Enza has built around her heart. They might be better for each other than she first thought—but is she bold enough to find out if what they have can last?

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It’s hard to keep secrets buried on the bayou—especially when the family gets together.

It’s Christmas in Bayou Sabine, and Enza has a lot to celebrate: she has a new family now and a good man who’s over the moon for her. She’s worked hard to put her mother’s disappearance behind her, and she finally feels like she belongs.

But bringing this family together soon draws big secrets into the light. When Enza learns that her new friend Lucille’s in trouble, she’s desperate to help her: even if it means hiding the truth from Jack. And her mother’s disappearance? Someone gives her one more piece to that puzzle, too—and this one’s too tempting to ignore.

One explosive dinner proves that nothing stays buried on the bayou. With Jack feeling betrayed and Lucille in danger, Enza’s sure she’s ruined her beautiful new life. She’s determined to fix what’s broken and save the people she holds dear—but how much will she sacrifice to put her demons behind her for good?

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Can any secrets really be taken to the grave?

After her estranged grandmother’s death, thirty-year-old Enza Parker returns to the town where she spent her childhood summers in the hopes of closing the door on her troubling past. Fifteen years ago, Enza’s mother disappeared and ripped her family apart—but the truth of her disappearance has remained a mystery.

With her best friend Kate in tow, Enza goes back to Bayou Sabine to pay her respects—but she’s quickly overwhelmed by her greatest fear: what if she finds her mother there after all these years? And what if her father has hidden the truth from her all this time?

A handsome stranger only adds to the mystery and makes her wonder: should she be so quick to bury this part of her past? A spark of attraction is an alluring invitation—to stay in this place that once gave her the freedom she longs for as an adult. But does she dare upend her life and uncover the truth if it means learning everything she believes about her family is a lie?

This short novella was originally written as a prequel to Trouble in Bayou Sabine. See what made Enza go back to Bayou Sabine—and how the sweeping love story first began.

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Sometimes a little trouble—and a lot of Louisiana heat—can help you find your way…

Kate McDonnell wants her chaotic life to just slow down for a minute. So when her friend offers to let her house-sit for a week in her quiet home in the middle of nowhere, her answer is a definite yes. She’s expecting a week all to herself—but when sexy sheriff Andre Dufresne stops by, her vacation takes a turn she didn’t expect.

The last time Kate and Andre met—well, it was a disaster.

Kate’s not looking for love—she’s still reeling from the worst breakup ever, and Bayou Sabine is just a temporary refuge. But when Andre turns on the charm, she wonders: would a light-hearted fling really be so bad?

Andre never forgot Kate, and he’s not into flings. She sparked a fire in him that he thought was long gone, and he’s not about to let her slip away again. So if he needs to take his time with her, that’s just fine.

Soon Kate feels herself falling hard, and makes a mistake that could ruin everything between them. She’s running out of time—and to fix things with Andre, she’ll have to do something she’s never done before: trust someone else with her heart.

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A dazzling story about the way love can shape us—and how revealing our vulnerability can set us free.

In her lab, Kate McDonnell’s world is stable and predictable, just the way she likes it. She doesn’t do surprises—but when irresistible Andre Dufresne shows up to whisk her away for a romantic weekend, she’s eager to make an exception.

When their getaway is interrupted by a family crisis, Kate has no choice but to go home and help—even though she’s done her best to avoid that town since the night that it nearly destroyed her. This is the last place she wants to be, but she feels safe with Andre—and she knows if she pushes him away again, she’ll lose him for good.

Kate finds her family in pieces, and she’s quick to take charge—but not everyone is happy to have her there calling the shots. The longer she stays, the faster her past catches up with her—and when one bitter family member reveals her darkest secret, she’s forced to reckon with the one night she wishes she could take back.

To have a shot at love with Andre, she’ll have to right her biggest wrong and forgive the one person she thought she never could—herself.

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