I provide editing and design services for authors at any stage in their careers.


I offer a variety of services for authors, from editing and coaching to illustration and cover design. I’m co-founder of Blue Crow Publishing, where I also served as a primary editor and art director. Both through BCP and with independent authors, I have helped publish over 30 titles from start to finish: that includes developmental editing, cover design, marketing strategy, and more. Read on to learn more about how I can help you bring your book to its fullest potential.

For inquiries, contact me at Lauren@faulkenberryarts.com. 

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing examines your manuscript in terms of organization, pacing, voice, and other aspects of fundamental craft. Both fiction and nonfiction books can benefit from developmental editing. If you’re not quite ready for the copyediting stage, you may be in this stage. This service lets me examine your manuscript as a whole and suggest where you need to spend the most time in revision. Developmental editing is NOT copyediting or proofreading—rather, it takes a holistic approach to revising your manuscript and provides guidance for moving forward. I always like to have an introductory call to learn more about your project and see if we’re a good fit. My goal is to help you develop your manuscript into the compelling book you want it to be. Clients who opt for this service will receive:

  • A manuscript review in MS Word (or Pages, if you prefer) with comments in tracked changes that include suggestions for improvement. This includes comments on readability, structure, dialogue, voice, and more.
  • A written report that outlines strengths and weaknesses of the book, plus ideas for developing and improving plot, character, scene, dialogue, pacing, and other fundamental aspects of story.
  • An optional one-hour meeting via phone or videochat to discuss a revision plan for the reduced rate of $45 per hour.


  • I can review the first couple of chapters of your manuscript, the first 50 pages, or the entire book—it’s up to you.
  • My fee is based on word count, and begins at 5 cents per word. I am happy to create a personalized plan that works for your goals and your budget. 
  • I will always provide a quote before I begin a project with you and offer a free 20-minute consultation via phone to chat with you about your needs. 

Writing Coaching 

A writing coach can help you at any stage of your writing: developing your idea into a book, creating an accountability plan for your writing practice, helping you create action plans, devising strategies to help you over creative hurdles, and more. A writing coach provides a customized plan focused on your goals and needs—this is an intensive 1:1 relationship that is uniquely tailored to you. Writers of fiction and nonfiction can benefit from a writing coach, no matter at what stage you are in your career. My goal as a coach is to help you determine what your goals are as an author  (or with a particular book) and work with you to develop personalized strategies to reach those goals.


  • We can meet on your schedule: we can meet just a few times to get you over a specific hurdle, or we can meet for the duration of a project. The frequency and duration of our meetings is up to you.
  • We can meet via phone or videochat.
  • Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your needs. I am happy to provide a quote and will create a plan that works for your budget.

Manuscript Assessment 

If you’re not quite ready to dive in to the editing services listed above, or are looking for overall feedback on a project, what you need is most likely a manuscript assessment. An assessment gives you an evaluation of your manuscript in terms of character development, plot, narrative voice, scene building, world building, dialogue, etc. This is a global review of what’s working well in your manuscript and what could be improved as you move into more detailed editing. As an author, you have unique strengths, and my goal is to help you develop them so they shine. I offer this service for both fiction and nonfiction.


  • An assessment can be the first 50 pages of your book, the first five chapters, or the entire manuscript—it’s up to you. 
  • Clients will receive a written evaluation of their manuscript and comments via tracked changes that include suggestions for improvement. 
  • Fees for this service are based on word count and begin at 1.5 cents per word. 
  • I am happy to provide a quote when you submit a manuscript or query. 

Copyediting and Proofreading

You’ve put a ton of work into your manuscript: now it’s time to make it shine.

The terms copyediting and proofreading are quite often used interchangeably in common speech, but they are very different services. Proofreading is, in fact, not editing. If you are looking for someone to correct grammar and usage mistakes, you are looking for a copyeditor. The big difference between the two? Copyediting improves the writing, whereas proofreading is a safety net that catches any remaining errors that the author and editor(s) have missed.

Copyediting / Line Editing

This type of editing considers your work at the sentence or paragraph level. I correct errors in spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation, but also focus on improving the language and style of the text. I am always sensitive to your voice, as the writer: it’s not my goal to rewrite your text, but to improve it based on your style. In this way, copyediting provides a final level of polish to your writing. This service can include heavy revision (revising the text) to light revision (making notes and suggestions for the author). I’m happy to take a look at your manuscript and discuss your specific needs, wherever you are in your revision process. Rates begin at 3 cents per word.


This serves as a final check for any remaining errors, including typographical errors, typesetting errors (like extra spaces or incorrect line breaks), and simple formatting errors (like incorrect paragraph breaks or inconsistent headers). Proofing is the final pass for your manuscript before it moves into publication, and should happen after all editing is complete. Simply put, proofreading should catch any minor errors that the author(s) and editor(s) have missed. Rates begin at 1.5 cents per word.

Book Production

If you’re self publishing and are ready to get your book into production and distribution, I can help. Layout and formatting can be extremely time consuming—especially when you want to get on with writing your next book. With 15+ years of experience in book production and layout, my goal is to create for you a top-quality book that fits your publication needs.

My services include:

  • Proper manuscript formatting for ebook and print production.
  • Creation of layout for book production.
  • Marketing copy (e.g. product description on Amazon) for your book.
  • Generation of distribution-ready files of your book for ebook and/or print production
  • And more.

I’m happy to offer a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your book’s needs. Whether you need only an ebook cover or full book production services, I can help. 

Book Cover Design

You’ve put a lot of time and heart into your book: to sell it, you need a great cover that fits your genre and appeals to your audience. I’ve created book covers for self-published authors, indie authors, and books published by traditional small and academic presses. My clients include first-time authors and award-winning novelists. Let me help you put the final shine on your book and put it in the hands of avid readers.

I design custom book covers for all genres, fiction and nonfiction, ebook and paperback. When I create your cover, I help you acquire proper commercial licenses for any stock artwork used—or we can create a custom illustration just for you.

Once I design your image, you are free to use it in digital or print form in any way you may need it for promotional purposes. Designs include full cover creation and formatting for eBook, ARC, and print. I am happy to consult with you about your needs and find an approach that best suits your book project.

Contact me via Lauren@faulkenberryarts.com for more detailed information and we can schedule a free 15-minute call to assess your project and needs.



I also create custom illustrations for books, editorial work, and other projects. These can range from cover art to spot illustrations and everything in between. If you have a project that needs illustration, contact me and let’s chat about your needs.

Ready to get started? Email me at Lauren@faulkenberryarts.com