Like many of my books, salve Two-dollar Dogs is based on real events–a memory from years ago that is persistent. It started with a date at the dog track. At the time, I thought this was a kooky event, a whim, but something hit me that day at the track, watching the dogs fidget in the minutes before they went onto the dirt to chase Sparky, the ball of fluff that passed as a rabbit. It was a subtle realization–not like a bolt of lightning that some folks have. It seemed to happen slowly, like a blurry image coming into focus. But it made an impression on me, watching the dogs and picking the winners, and when I looked at the guy next to me, he came into focus, too. I picked three winners that day, put two dollars on three different dogs. A dog might be a bad metaphor for love, but there were some striking similarities that day, and the most haunting thought that struck me ended up as the heart of this book.

Letterpress printed on Somerset Velvet paper, Two-dollar Dogs is a hard-cover accordion printed with photopolymer plates made from drawings. When opened, it measures 42? long. Closed, it measures 3? x 5?. It comes in a wrapper made of 100% cotton handmade paper. Edition size is 35. $95.