Hi, Everybody—it’s Freebie Time!

As many of you know, I’ve been juggling lots of things lately (new freelance projects, seasonal jobs, writing a series of novels, etc) and am constantly trying to set aside more time to make art. I just bought a new tabletop press from a friend of mine, and I’m itching to use it—as soon as I make some time. (New Year’s cards, anyone?)

Last year, about this time, I promised myself I’d do a daily drawing in order to keep my creative parts properly exercised. That lasted a couple of months. Then I tried to at least make a drawing once or twice a week to keep some balance in my life. Because, as that perhaps tired but completely true meme states, “EARTH without ART is just ‘EH.’

I’ve given up on waiting until I have more time to make art. I’ll never “have more time,” so I’ll just have to carve out more hours from what I’ve got. I’m still juggling lots of things—that has not changed—but I’m back to dedicating more bits of time for what I love.

And one thing I love is freebies. So here’s one for YOU! Starting this month, I’m creating a desktop calendar, a new image every month, that will be FREE for you to download here. December’s based on a recent issue of the Wild Around Us nature letter (YES, you can subscribe to it in my Etsy shop), which featured everyone’s favorite cute-overload-internet-critter, the hedgehog. Enjoy!

DEC-desktop-calendar-finalTo download, click on the above image and save the file right to your desktop.



note: downloading does not transfer distribution rights of this image—it’s meant for your personal use and enjoyment only.