My only excuse for not writing any updates lately is work. Lots of work. And lots of transitions. Some were hard. Some were sad. Some were invigorating. Some made me feel alive again.

The transition I’m most excited about is a small publishing company that I’m delighted to launch with one of my dearest friends and fellow author, Katie Rose Guest Pryal.

You might remember letters that Katie and I wrote to each other that were featured here over the last year. We’ve published novels together, been beta readers for each other since the beginning of time, and cemented our friendship eons ago in a little cabin in a remote corner of North Carolina that will always be one of my favorite places on earth.

One day last year we were talking about all the books we wanted to write (and publish), and how hard it was to do it the traditional way. The queries, the agents, the editors—we thought we wouldn’t live long enough to jump through all the hoops and get our stories out into the world. We were preparing for an author reading, loosening up, so to speak. After a little Champagne, one of us said, “Why don’t we just publish ourselves?”

We’d both tossed around the idea and just never said the words to each other. So then we did toss the words around. And Blue Crow Publishing was born. In a little coffee and wine shop. In Sylva, NC.

Those crazy ideas you get? The one you keep to yourself—sometimes it works out when you share them.

Blue Crow has five books scheduled for release this fall, beginning with our first on October 2. Read details about Blue Crow Publishing here, and sign up for the Blue Crow newsletter to keep up with our news, book releases, and calls for submissions. We look forward to hearing from you!