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Elegy for the Wild at Heart pokes fun at the dicey situations that love throws us into, and how we react to those bumps in the road. My research for this book consisted of asking friends and colleagues two questions: 1) “What’s the worst breakup line you ever gave someone?” followed by 2) “What’s the worst breakup line someone ever gave you?” The results were interesting, indeed. A couple of the lines featured in the text are mine…but in the spirit of collaboration, I used some of the most colorful ones I collected. In doing this project, two pieces of sage advice were cemented into reality for me: one, people get weird when they start itching to leave you. Two, you probably shouldn’t date a writer unless you want to be made (in)famous in a book someday. Cheap ugg boots Online

The premise is simple. The deer captured in these pages are going about their daily business of grazing and frolicking, but as they speak to each other, they are parroting the breakup lines that they have seemingly overheard from their human counterparts.

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A few choice lines:

* “Your mother hates me, and your sister hates me more.”
* “Your clock is just ticking too fast, baby.”
* “I’m breaking my own heart, and now I’m going to go home and write a song about it.”
* “Right now, your father is deciding what caliber to use on me.”

Elegy is an accordion book with a hardcover. It is 4″ x 5″ closed and opens to 32″ long. It is letterpress printed using carved MDF and photopolymer plates. Edition size is 25. 2010. $35.